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Why does the truck use more and more fuel?

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Truck fuel consumption is a problem that everyone concern, but do you know that fuel consumption is also associated with a dirty tank?

Although the fuel tank is semi-closed at home and other times. However, as the age of the vehicle increases and the operating time becomes longer, the amount of precipitation impurities in the fuel tank will increase. Many people will find that when the truck maintenance, when cleaning up the tank will have more sediment. As more and more impurities into the tank together with diesel, they can cause serious damage to engine and increase fuel consumption at same time.

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Although the tank has some protective measures for waterproof and heat preservation,but after long time‘s operation, it is necessary to clean the fuel tank, or replace the fuel filter and fuel water separator. Once the fuel tank is blocked, the pressure in it is too high,when you're driving truck on the road, there will be shaking phenomenon. Under the influence of high pressure, the fuel tank is very easy to crack, in case of serious diesel leak, the fuel consumption will become much higher.

How to clean the fuel tank? Tank cleaning is divided into two steps - Surface and Inner.

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(1) Outside: Check the fuel tank, tubing, joints and other places to see if there is depression or fuel leakage, don’t forget to make sure the tank bracket fixing screws are tightened.

(2) Inner: Open the tank mouth, remove the filter bucket,suck diesel out, leaving only about 60L of diesel in the tank. Insert a clean plastic tube from the filler neck into the bottom of the tank and gently blow the bottom of the tank with tube to tumble for cleaning. When cleaning, you can use a clean cloth to plug the nozzle, and then continue to change the position and direction of the plastic tube, try to avoid friction fuel level sensor. After purging for 20 minutes, release the diesel, then the impurities in diesel will flow out, and then re-add the clean diesel.
Pls note that the fuel released from the tank  can only be used after 72 hours precipitation.

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