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How does the pneumatic brake work? Why is the service brake one lap larger than the parking brake?

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The role of the brake chamber :

It converts air pressure energy into mechanical energy output, and the output mechanical energy is transmitted to actuation devices such as brake cams, so that the brake generates a braking torque. There are two main types of brake chambers: one is the one that everyone sees and is familiar with, and the more traditional (used in the front wheels of Jiefang series cars) diaphragm type brake chamber; the other is for large cars (middle) A composite brake air chamber with spring energy storage for the rear wheel. This composite brake air chamber has two types: piston type and diaphragm type.
According to the national mandatory standard GB7258-2017, all wheels of automobiles (except three-wheeled vehicles) trailers (except for trailers with a total mass of not more than 750kg) must be equipped with brakes.
Truck brakes are divided into service brakes, parking brakes and auxiliary brakes.
The front wheel responsible for steering has only one service brake cylinder. This type of sub-cylinder is only activated when the vehicle is braking, with simple structure, small size, and convenient maintenance and replacement. 
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The axles responsible for driving and loading generally use larger double-chamber brake chambers. The so-called dual chamber means that there are two air chamber cavities inside the brake cylinder. One air chamber is responsible for the service brake, and the other air chamber is responsible for the parking brake. It combines the two functions of service brake and parking brake, and is widely used on drive shafts and trailer shafts.
The structure of the dual-chamber brake air chamber is also not complicated. It has two air ports, which are respectively connected to the driving chamber and the parking chamber. The required operations can be completed by charging and discharging different chambers according to different needs. Remember one thing here, when the service brake is "ventilated brake", the parking brake is "stop air brake". How to maintain? Normally involved and manufactured brake cylinders are generally not easy to break. However, if the quality of the spring in the driving chamber is not good, the ability to return is weak, which may cause the vehicle to drag the brakes. The poor quality of the energy storage spring in the parking cavity will cause the vehicle's parking brake ability to decrease, leading to serious accidents such as rolling the car. If the diaphragm is damaged, the service brake effect will be weakened or even invalid; it will also cause the parking brake to be incompletely released, leading to drag brakes. Note: The parking brake does not rely on compressed air braking. The braking force is completely provided by the energy storage spring in the sub-cylinder. In order to provide a huge braking force, the energy storage spring located in the parking brake chamber is very powerful. Do not repair brake cylinders with stored energy springs by yourself.
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