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Maintenance instead of repair,you need to know Parker Racor FBO Filter

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In recent years, the concept of maintenance vehicles rather than repair has become more and more popular. Parker Racor's large-flow FBO series filters have become a product you have to know,especially for heavy duty off-highway mining trucks.

Designed to meet the filtration needs of contemporary high pressure common rail diesel injection systems,Parker Racor large flow FBO series fuel filter meets the toughest working conditions,can filtrate diesel,gasoline and aviation kerosene, and easy to change fuel filter element.It is commonly used as a main oil fuel water separator on fuel distribution pump and large diesel engine genset.

 large flow Parker Racor FBO series fuel Filters FBO-10 FBO-14 assembly

Parker Racor new generation of FBO-10 and FBO-14 series fuel filter can meet the flow filtration requirements from 21GPM (80LPM) to 75GPM (284LPM),depending on the model,filter element and fuel to be filtered.For this fuel filter/water separator,there is three type different filter options:fuel water separator,particulate impurity filter cartridge and adsorption filter cartridge.

1.The fuel filter water separator removes contaminants and water from biofuels, bio-mixed fuels, diesel, gasoline and other hydrocarbon fuels. The separation capability can removes water from the fuel.
2.The particulate impurity filter element is recommended for use in the engine to protect the engine's fuel supply system.The siliconized filter material can remove pollutants with an accuracy of up to 1 micron. It can also be used in front of the fuel filter/water separator filter to extend the separator's service life.
3.Absorbtion cartridges can absorb water and contaminants from diesel and other hydrocarbon fuels.The fuel/water separator filter is recommended so that water can be removed from the fuel.

 large flow Parker Racor FBO series fuel Filters FBO-10 FBO-14 assembly

As shown in the above photo, one of the product features is the “locking ring”. The filter housing and the aluminum base are connected by 4 bolts, which allows one person to change the filter element easily,without any wrench or other special tools.

At present, this FBO fuel filter has been widely used in fuel stations,fuel storage tanks,oil storage equipment;Hitachi,Komatsu, Terex and other off-highway mine mining trucks, MTU engines etc., greatly reduce the filtration pressure of the engine fuel filter,extends the service life and replacement cycle of the refined fuel filter.

 large flow Parker Racor FBO series fuel Filters FBO-10 FBO-14 assembly and filter element application

Parker Racor FBO fuel filter assembly and filter element is as blow shows: 

Parker Racor FBO fuel filter details
Filter Filtration accuracy FBO-10 FBO-14

fuel/water separator

1 FBO 60327 FBO 60336
5 FBO 60328 FBO 60337
10 FBO 60353 FBO 60356
25 FBO 60329 FBO 60338

Impurity/Particle Filter

1 FBO 60330 FBO 60339
5 FBO 60331 FBO 60340
10 FBO 60354 FBO 60357
25 FBO 60332 FBO 60341

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