Repair Maintenance

  • Know more about Filter Sensor

    By Repair MaintenanceFri-08-2018

    Filter sensor, a kind of commonly used sensor product, mainly refers to the sensor device for auto filter, generally speaking, there has temperature sensor, concentration sensor, water level sensor, heating sensor, position sensor, flow sensor, pressure s

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  • Poor quality filter blocked the fuel system!

    By Repair MaintenanceSat-06-2018

    Poor quality filter blocked the fuel system,Jingfu auto parts suggest when you buy maintenance parts,such as fleetguard filter,Parker Racor filter,Choose from regular channels.

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  • Do you know about these using misunderstanding of filters?

    By Repair MaintenanceWed-01-2018

    As construction machinery parts, filter is one of the most widely used consumables, the air filter, oil filter and diesel filter are commonly known as "three filters", which are good or bad will directly affect working performance and service life of th

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  • Fleetguard Filter Application

    By Repair MaintenanceThu-12-2017

    Fleetguard filters is the highest quality filter manufacturer in China, specializing in the production of filtration products for automotive and engine use. Utilizing the global resources of Cummins Filtration System, Fleetguard filters help customers ext

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  • How much you know about air dryer filter?

    By Repair MaintenanceThu-12-2017

    The air dryer filter is used to filtrate water vapor of compressed air in the gas path system, so as to prevent corrosion of various cylinders and valves. Therefore, whether the drying tank can work normally will directly affect brake performance. However

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  • Did you choose the correct air filter?

    By Repair MaintenanceTue-12-2017

    Fleetguard air filtration uses high-performance Stratapore filter paper to achieve deep filtration. Filter medium with multi-layer and high capacity ash can prolong the service life and the maintenance and replacement period of filter.

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  • How to install the spin-on oil filter?

    By Repair MaintenanceMon-12-2017

    The function of oil filter is to remove the harmful impurities which cause the parts wearing of the engine from the recycling oil. In order to confirm the normal working of filter, the installation should be correctly. So it is very important for the suit

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  • Too much water in diesel fuel,Parker diesel filter is terminator

    By Repair MaintenanceTue-11-2017

    Choose Genuine fuel water separator,such as Parker Racor fuel water separator and fleetguard fs series,to protect you diesel engine better!

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