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Telma Eddy current Retarder in Yutong bus Maintenance Details

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Telma eddy current retarder is widely used in Yutong buses,here is the maintenance details of this type retarder.

The maintenance of the Telma retarders are divided into three different cycles:every 5000 kilometers,every 10,000 kilometers,and every 20,000 kilometers.

See the below for details.

Checking Item Inspection Cycles(A series) Inspection Cycles(F series)
Air Clearance every 10,000 Km every 10,000 Km***
Axis Seal every 20,000 Km ---
Output Shaft Seal --- every 20,000 Km
Fastening Bolt every 20,000 Km every 20,000 Km
Check and fastening electrical appliances wire  every 20,000 Km every 20,000 Km
Check and fastening the ground wire every 20,000 Km *** every 20,000 Km ***
Control System every 20,000 Km every 20,000 Km

Note: The new car/bus runs 5000Km to check once,and then checks once every checking cycle.

Telma Eddy current Retarder in Yutong bus Maintenance Detail

In addition to the above inspections,the retarder should be removed every 400,000 kilometers,and the rotor should be visually inspected for deformation,scratches,cracks etc.If abnormalities are found,You should should stop using the retarder and contact Telma dealers in the shortest time.Please adjust to the non-standard state according to the operation guide of the gap between the retarders.

One more thing,Please take the retarder clearance inspection as a routine inspection item.

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