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Filter sensor, a kind of commonly used sensor product, mainly refers to the sensor device for auto filter, generally speaking, there has temperature sensor, concentration sensor, water level sensor, heating sensor, position sensor, flow sensor, pressure sensor, etc., their role is similar, mostly to ensure the normal operation of the car as a whole.

Parker Racor sensor

Features of Filter Sensor:
1.The filter sensor is weather-resistant, mainly because it works in poor environment of engine vibration, gasoline steam, sludge, water spray, etc.;
2.The filter sensor can directly reflect the problem of vehicle operation failure, minimize exhaust emission, save oil and promote the driving force of vehicle engine.
The performance index is in accordance with the standard design, the most critical is the measurement accuracy and reliability. Otherwise, the error caused by the sensor detection will eventually lead to the failure of the engine control system or the failure.

Parker Racor sensor

Inspection and Cleaning:
1.For filter screen and felt filter element, brush and rinse the filter with clean diesel or brush to remove oil and impurities from the filter.
2.The main problems of metal mesh filter elements damage are desoldering, breakage and blockage. Keep the filtration capacity, if happens, should be replaced.
Worked 250-500h the filter even too dirty, damaged or perforated filter element should be replaced immediately.

Parker racor 1000fh fuel filter water separator

The above introduction mainly explains that small parts are also indispensable, choose the proper filter sensor to keep your engine unimpeded. 


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