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Poor quality filter blocked the fuel system!

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For a vehicle and engineering machinery,why is the engine Rotational speed limited during normal operation? After Rev is limited, the engine torque does not increase,of course the vehicle speed is very low. In fact, in many cases, some breakdowns in the vehicle could have been avoided, but due to the fact that they were trying to save money, it cause more trouble.
After the vehicle starts running,no matter how you step on the accelerator, the maximum Rev is 1800rpm.After first drivers think perhaps it’s CRS(Common Rail Systems) problem lead to insufficient oil pressure.

poor quality fuel filter does damage for engine

However,after checking by professional maintenance technician,it’s not CRS problem.First they checked fuel filter water separator.

poor quality fuel filter water separator does damage for engine

Through actual inspection, it was found that the three filters from poor quality factory on the vehicle have almost become completely blocked.The poor fuel filter water separator can’t effectively separate diesel and water,and diesel in it has turned milky and has lots milks. Almost impossible to use again, have to replace new air filter,oil filter and fuel filter.
Plus the fuel filter and fuel filter/water separator completely blocked,the diesel flow in fuel system actually is very little.In this condition,the engine can start is pretty good,it’s almost impossible to have better performance.

diesel engine quality checking

Many people think it’s not necessary to buy good quality filters.But when there is problem for filters,if you called service center to repair temporarily,maybe the money you paid is much more than you saved with cheaper filters.

diesel engine quality checking

With genuine good quality diesel fuel filter,it can filtrate impurities and moisture in diesel fuel effectively,protect fuel nozzle,pump and Piston ring from abrasion and blocking,also can filtrate iron oxide and other trace elements in diesel.

fleetguard oil filter fuel diesel filter water separator

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