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Gas Engine Maintenance Methods

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Compared with diesel engines, gas engines have an additional ignition system and fuel premixing system. Due to different structures, there are many differences in use and maintenance.


1. Clean or replace the filter element regularly

Replace the natural gas low-pressure filter in the gas supply system every 15,000-20,000 kilometers. The filter element must be cleaned or replaced in time to prevent the filter element from being too dirty and clogging the pipeline.


2. Check spark plugs regularly

The spark plug is an important component of the engine ignition system, and its working condition directly affects the performance and emissions of the engine. Therefore, regular inspection and cleaning of spark plugs are necessary measures to keep the engine running well.


3. Use special engine oil

Since the combustion products of gas engines are different from those of diesel engines, special gas engine oil must be used during engine maintenance.


4. Use regular antifreeze

The engine must use antifreeze from a regular manufacturer and must be replaced at least once every two years. It is necessary to ensure that the antifreeze cannot be lower than the minimum mark of the water tank to avoid abnormal vaporization of the carburetor. Check the antifreeze level regularly to ensure it is in the middle and above the level.


5. Pay attention to operational details

In addition, there are some operating details that card lovers need to pay attention to in daily use of gas heavy trucks. If you turn the key to the ON position before starting the vehicle, stay in the ON position for 5 seconds until the gas pipe is filled with gas before starting the vehicle; after starting, run at idle speed for 3 minutes until the water temperature and oil pressure are normal before starting the vehicle; park the vehicle overnight , it is necessary to close the boost valve, liquid outlet valve, and vent valve, and start the vehicle until the engine automatically shuts down to avoid ice blockage of residual air in the pipeline due to low temperatures at night. If the ambient temperature is below 0 degrees and the vehicle has been parked for more than 12 hours, close the air supply valve and allow the engine to stall naturally to avoid oil emulsification caused by water accumulation inside the engine.


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