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  • Which model do you have in stock?
    A:For fleetguard,usually LF9009,LF670,LF777,LF16197,FF5737,FS36241,FF5470,LF16175,FF5740,FS19922,FS19925,FS36209,FF5706,LF16352,FS1280,FF5052,LF3349,AA2960,AA90134,AA90141,etc. are in stock.
    For Parker Racor filter,1000FH10,088034EPS,088035EPS,088036EPS,08
  • What's your delivery time?
    A:For stocks,delivery within 3 days is avaliable;
    If not in stock,it takes approx 10-25 days to arrange production for you,after your deposit payment received.
  • Is your filter original fleetguard brand?Or copy replacement?
    A:It's 100% original fleetguard filter,we're authorized wholesaler / dealer /agent of Shanghai fleetguard filter.
  • Is it ok to buy sample before place order?How to place sample order?
    A:Yes,sample order is ok,for sample order,western union/paypal is also avaliable,your address,email and number need to be provided for delivery.
  • Is OEM avaliable?Can you produce according to sampels?
    A:Yes,OEM is avaliable.Arranging production according to your sample is also ok.
  • For which quantity,discount is avaliable?
    A:For 50-100pcs at least,discount is avaliable.More quantity,more discount.
  • What's your Minimum Order Quantity?
    A: 1 pcs for sample is avaliable.1 pcs for sample is avaliable.
  • What's your term of payment?
    A: For JingFu Auto Parts,T/T,Western Union,Paypal,Money Gram,L/C,Cash etc.
  • What's your term of delivery?
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